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The business world is changing. New Internet-based technologies and communities (social media) are giving consumers a platform for expressing their opinions, and these opinions are supplanting broadcast messaging as the drivers of brand influence. 

What does this mean for marketers? The fundamentals haven't changed. Companies still need to understand their customers and why they purchase in order to create messaging that will sell more stuff. Traditional modes of marketing and advertising are still relevant.

What has changed is the proliferation and growing influence of user-generated content and conversation. Consumers are sharing opinions and information about industries, brands, brand-related culture, and local comunity news in real time.

Marketers now need to:

  • monitor the conversation (listen)
  • participate in the conversation (not broadcast messaging)
  • seek feedback and put customer recommendations into action
  • create and distribute content so that prospects can find, learn about, engage, and purchase
  • integrate new and traditional marketing activities (including ad creation and media planning)
  • build community as an extension of brand promise
  • turn customers into referrers with tools and community
  • identify influencers and motivate them to recommend your business
  • track, analyze, and optimize your strategies and tactics

Catch Interactive helps companies understand this new marketing landscape and creates integrated traditional and social media strategies and tactics for sustained growth and profitability.